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Turkey Shore Excursions

Turkey Shore Excursions are very popular since 1980s when the cruise ships first added Turkish Ports to their itineraries. Shore excursions are sold to passengers both before and during the cruise. Alone, they generate revenue, but the shore excursion’s real purpose is to add value to the cruise experience.

What are the most popular Shore Excursions in Turkey?

The most popular cruise ports are Kusadasi and Istanbul in Turkey. So, the most popular Turkey Shore Excursions are in Kusadasi and Istanbul ports.

Kusadasi is the gateway to historical Ephesus and the House of Virgin Mary. Both sites are about 45 minutes drive away from the Port.

Istanbul itself is one of the most attractive city in the world.

Generally, cruise ships arrive to both ports in the morning and depart around 6pm. It is better to join a full day shore excursion. But sometimes, arrival and departure times of the ships can be different and you can not have a full day in the city. In this situation, it is better to contact with your tour company and ask for a tailor-made itinerary.

Please check our Regular Shore Excursions for Istanbul and Kusadasi.

Please Click for Kusadasi/Ephesus Shore Excursion and Istanbul Shore Excurison

As Impetus Travel, we cover the other Turkish Ports such as Antalya, Dikilli, Trabzon, Bodrum and Canakkale. Please contact us for the shore excursions that you can have at this ports.

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Where can I book my Turkey Shore Excursion?

Passengers can book their shore excursions before the cruise through from web-sites of the Cruise Lines or through from Shore Excursion Departments of the Ships during the cruise. Generally Cruise Lines sell the shore-excursions them self to make a revenue. But some of the Cruise Lines offer the shore excursions as the part of their service and they are in the price of the voyage. If the shore excursion is not included, generally 2/3 of the passengers on board make their booking through from Cruise Line. And rest of them make their own arrangements or make a booking through from local travel companies.

The main reason of booking a shore excursion through from Cruise Lines is the service quality of the cruise companies and passengers are sure that they will get a great service on shore too. Also, people feel more comfortable and safe.

Actually, The Shore Excursions are provided to Cruise Lines by Local Tour Companies. Local companies provide all the buses, guides, meals at the restaurants, entrance tickets and any other services during the shore excursions. So booking your shore excursion through from a reputable local company will not make a difference in terms of quality of services. In terms of prices, you will very likey to find similar shore excursions cheaper at the local tour companies.

Also, local tour companies such as Impetus Travel do not offer group tour for cruise liners. They generally offer private tours with private guides. So, you do not have to share a bus with the other people. As a result, during the Covid-19 Pandemic having a private shore excursion is one of the best way to isolate yourself from the crowds.

Impetus Travel is founded by Evren who worked as Cruise Operations Manager during his career. He was in charge of the shore excursions of Princess Cruises, Holland America Line, P&O Cruises, Cunard, Sea Dream Yacht Club and Wind Star Cruises from 2009 to 2011.

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