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Best time to visit Turkey

When do you recommend to visit Turkey?

** Try to travel in spring or early fall. Peak Months are June, July and August. Travel outside of the peak months

** Winters can be so cold in Turkey. There are some winter sports destination

** In May and October you can benefit from smaller crowds while weather id so good.


Actually, you can visit Turkey all year around as the businesses are not closed during the winters like in the tourism based economies such as Greece, Croatia .. etc. It is a populated and big country with about 82million inhabitants. An avarage city has about half million and towns or resorts have around 100k population. Therefore restaurants, majority of the hotels are kept open in all year around.

Visiting Turkey in Winters

December, January and February can be cold in Turkey. Therefore, it is not crowded and Hotel prices drops down. Winters might actually be a good month to visit Turkey as crowds will be at the lowest point of the year. That means that you can benefit from low airfares and cheap hotel rooms. But because of the weather, it is not the best time to visit Turkey.


Holiday destinations, sights and museums are less crowded in Winters because of weather. It is cold , snowy or rainly. The best weather in winter can be found along side the Aegean and Mediterrean seas such as Antalya, Bodrum, Marmaris, Fethiye, Alanya..etc Those resorts or towns have typicall mediterreanen climate.


Generally Turkey is inexpensive comparing to Europe. In winter, pricess become more resonable due to drop in the demand. If you do not mind the weather, coming to Turkey in winter will be a great deal. Accommadation prices are almost half generally, but not in the ski resorts.


There are several ski-resorts in Turkey too. The most well known ski resorts of Turkey are as below;

  1. Uludağ Ski Resort, Bursa
  2. Palandöken Ski Resort, Erzurum
  3. Sarıkamış Ski Resort, Kars
  4. Davraz Ski Resort, Isparta
  5. Erciyes Ski Resort, Kayseri
  6. Saklıkent Ski Resort, Antalya
  7. Kartepe Ski Resort, İzmit
Turkey Ski Resort

Visiting Turkey in Spring

March is the first month where tourism in Turkey starts to pick up. If you are lucky with the weather, March can be a good month to travel to Turkey. Meanwhile in the Turkish Riviera, temperatures are not yet good enough for a beach vacation. Meanwhile, tourist crowds are still low. That means that hotels and flights are more affordable while the beaches are not yet overcrowded. Definetly, the best time to visit Turkey is spring and autumn.


April marks the start of the tourist season in Turkey. Easter can make Turkey crowded. Meanwhile, in Turkey’s coastal areas, the weather is improving quickly. Rainfall is limited and outside Easter, April is a relatively quiet month in Turkey. So, it is a good time to visit Turkey.


In May, wheather gets warmer and sunshine on almost each day. The first half of the month can get crowded due to school holidays in Europe.

Visiting Turkey in Summer

As summer holiday starts for schools in the second half June, it can already get (very) crowded. The weather will be absolutely amazing, Days with even higher temperatures are not uncommon while rain is something very abnormal in most parts of the country in June. Having said that, hotel prices and airfares are already getting more expensive in June. All in all, we believe first 2 weeks of June is the last month of the year where you can go on a good Turkish vacation without the massive summer crowds.


July and August are the peak seasons in Turkey like the rest of Mediterreanen countries. Most schools will now close down for the summer break and Turkey is one of Europe’s most popular destinations for summer holidays. With a peak in crowds expect prices to peak as well. If you travel to Turkey in July, we recommend that you plan ahead! Weather conditions in July in Turkey are great although too hot for some.

Visiting Turkey in Fall (Autum)

September and October are also best months to travel while the weather is still very pleasant. Great weather now seems to be extending into October. Overall October is not so crowded in Turkey while the weather remains great in the coastal areas. Tourism slows down except for some weeks where schools across Europe are enjoying autumn breaks.


November weather in Turkey can be cold and wet and it marks the start of low season across Turkey. Rain will have returned to the country known to most of us for sunshine and warm temperatures. Global warming is making November warmer than ever before and you might be lucky if you decide to go anyway. November is the month without tourist crowds.

Fall in Turkey
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