Booking & Payment & Extra Fees

1 – Full Payment , Deposit and Cancellation Policy

To confirm a booking with Impetus Travel (any bookings for Istanbul – Turkey Tours, Shore Excursion), we require %50 of the total fee to be bank-wired to our company bank account as deposit. Then the balance can be paid in cash or by credit card on-site upon arrival. For the Credit Card payments, we require additional %5 fee for the balance. Incase of a cancellation 30 days before the start date of the tour, Impetus will make a full refund. Incase of a cancellation between 29 days to15 days before the start date of tour, Impetus will refund the half of the completed payment. Any Cancellations 15 days before the start date of the tour is non-refundable. All Bank fees are on the responsibility of customers.

Your deposit amount and deposit due date will appear on your confirmation. Generally, the deposit is due one month in advance of your tour or shore excursion or 5 days after your booking, whichever date is later.

2- Is IMPETUS TRAVEL a licensed tour operator?

Yes! Our registration number at the ASSOSIATION OF TURKISH TRAVEL AGENCIES (TURSAB) is 11125. We are a legal tour operator that can provide all kind of travel services to the visitors through out Turkey.

3- How can I book a tour with Impetus Travel?

All you need is to fill the Booking Form on the tour sections. Or you can directly write us on or send a whatsApp message to +905332318190 .

4- How much I expect to spend for lunches unless it is included to my tour?

If lunch is not included in your tour price, we always suggest a budget of around 15-20 USD per person, per day. The lunch stops take credit card.

Guides of Impetus Travel

1- What are your guides like?

All our guides are University graduates and speak excellent English. They are highly professional with many years of experience and knowledge, and are all fully licensed tour guides. We only work with guides who have a passion for their profession, and view it as such. We know our guides very well. They have great personalities and are superior entertainers. They have a depth of knowledge about the politics, history, economy, architecture, cuisine and culture just waiting to be shared with you. Founders of Impetus Travel , Evren and Mustafa are also licensed tour guides over 20 years and some guides are trusted friends of us. Also, we have guides in Spanish, Portuguese and German

2- How much gratuity should I calculate in to the expenses of the tour and what currency should I tip in?

Gratuities to the guide and driver are not in the tour price. We recommend 10% of the tour cost to the guide and 5% to the driver to be given separately. We can not charge and gratuity to your credit card. Please have some cash with you (USD, EURO, TL) if you intend to tip your driver and guide. Tips may be given in any currency, whatever is most convenient for you.

3- Do we get priority to get in to the Museum by skipping the line?

Yes! We provide the tickets or museum passes before the start of the tour so we skip the ticket lines. If you only get a Private Guide with no entrances, still you can skip the ticket lines. All of our guides are licensed and they have priority on Ticket Office Services for Istanbul – Turkey Tours, Shore Excursion

Safety & Visit

1 – How safe is Turkey?

Formerly the heart of the Ottoman Empire, Turkey still remains a melting pot of cultures. Combine its historical cities with miles upon miles of sparkling coastline, add incredible natural landscapes to discover and VERY friendly people for an incredibly cool cocktail of a country.

There have been some issues recently, however, mainly to do with the Syrian conflict and the resulting terrorist attacks. These have consistently happened, all the way up into 2017. It’s no surprise that you’re probably wondering, “is Turkey safe?”

But not going to Turkey because of what’s happening in a Syria would be a shame.

There are some places you really shouldn’t go to. Anywhere within 10 kilometers of the Syrian border isn’t safe. A two-year state of emergency ended at the end of summer 2018.

Turkey is BIG on tourism. By big, we mean huge. In 2014, Turkey was the 6th most popular tourist destination in the world. 42 million foreign tourists visited in that year alone. 2016 saw only 25 million visitors to the country. However, it’s on the up again. The government is all about making sure the country is safe for tourists, so you’ll be a priority for them when you visit. It’s an important part of Turkey’s economy.

There’s a whole country to discover here. Crucially, tourism is important to Turkey as well and helps the nation to remain stable.

In a word, yes, Turkey is safe to visit.

2- Do I need a visa to come to Turkey?

Some nationals need a visa in order to enter Turkey, but they can purchase it online at before traveling to Turkey. Make sure your passport is valid for at least six months past the date of your arrival to Turkey. If you are not sure about your visa status, visit which will let you know whether or not you need a visa based on your nationality and the country you want to visit.

Come and Enjoy our Turkey Tours, Shore Excursions and Istanbul Tours.

More Information | Impetus Travel

1- When your list of activities says ‘VISIT’ does that mean an actual visit in to the site or just an outside visit?

When our itinerary says visit, it means a guided inside visit of the site. In addition to the inside visits in our itineraries, you will also enjoy countless more photo stops and drive-bys. We cannot feasily list them all. You can check our tours from here (Istanbul – Turkey Tours Shore Excursion)

2- Can I get travel insurance from Impetus Travel?

You can not. We recommend you to have your Travel Insurance from your own country before start journey.


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