According to the legend, Ephesus was founded by Greek colonists in the 7th Century.

Androklos was a Greek hero and son of the king of Athens. One day he wanted to found his own city. Therefore, he first visited Apollo Temple in Delphi to get an advice about the spot where he could establish a city. Priests advised him to establish his city at the place where he would see a fish and a wild boar.

He sailed all the way down to western Anatolia. When he came to today’s Ephesus, he disembarked to the shore. He made a fire to fry fishes. In the meantime, a wild boar in the bushes was frightened because of the sparkles. Then he realized the wild boar.

After all, he believed that prophecy came true and he established Ephesus.

This is the foundation mythology of Ephesus according to Greek sources and it is dated back to 7th Century BC

But from the excavations, we know that the foundation of the City goes back to 3rd millenium BC.

According to Hittites, the City was established by the Queen of the Amazons, named Apasa. She gave her own name to the city. Name of Apasa was changed in centuries as Ephesus.

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